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The smart production line is a great opportunity to present and teach industry 4.0 solutions.
Within the Switch on program, the Business Creation team of EIT Manufacturing will offer you a tailored package of support from the following services.
For individuals working for a Manufacturing company, a manufacturing end user and a solution provider have a chance to receive financial support up to 50k€ for deploying tailor-made solution based in their needs.

Network of Austrian-Hungarian DIHs

The cross-border network of Digital Innovation Hubs consists of five partners: four Austrian and one Hungarian; and is determined to support the digital transformation of the regions.


Digital solutions for SMEs

Digitalization is bringing enormous challenges for businesses across all sectors. By linking organizations dedicated to digital transformation from both sides of the border, the necessary pool of knowledge could be gained and contribute to the successful transformation of the companies.

The network offers services for digital solutions at SMEs in the fields of their joint competences. Service portfolio includes 5 topics in digitalization:

Business cases





AI / Machine Learning

Success stories

The purpose of the DIHs is to implement innovative solutions into SME's life by testing a cross-regional service scheme that supports digital transition of the cross-border region through supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups to apply digital solutions.
The subject of the connected open call (DIGICALL) is to provide services of free of charge for pilot projects implemented by SMEs and start-ups registered in Hungary or Austria close cooperation with IMPROVE! project partner(s) as solution provider(s).

In the framework of the DIGICALL tender, 12 small and medium-sized enterprises received a total of 5,000 engineering hours in the average value of 12.000 EUR from the members of the IMPROVE! DIH network to solve their digital developments.

Get to know our success stories!

Other areas of digital competencies

Connect the relevant organizations in social- and health-care with potential solution and service providers, also with the final target group members, and explore, elaborate, develop, test, introduce new digital solutions, and to educate the community about it.

  1. Connectivity of stakeholders, both in terms of infrastructure and competency
  2. System for elaborating digital technology monitoring
  3. Definition of key areas of development – like joint educational curriculum, showroom integration, cross-border services, new digital product testing
  4. Definition of funding sources

Elaboration of the proper technological complexity for solutions and service requirements to provide a sustainable improvement for small and medium sized farming. Based on this results options in various application use cases shall be discussed.

  1. Selection of proper experts and organisations
  2. Elaboration of the proper technological complexity for solutions
  3. Elaboration of the proper service requirements
  4. Definition of helpful application use cases

Connect the relevant organizations in the field of Advanced Manufacturing (companies, researchers, platforms) with potential solution and service providers, but also with the final target group members, and find, elaborate, develop, test, implement new digital solutions and make them accessible to the interested parties.

  1. networking of the actors, both in terms of infrastructure and competence
  2. elaborating a system to monitor the relevant digital technologies
  3. definition of key areas of development - such as joint training, showroom integration, cross-border services, testing of new digital products
  4. definition of funding sources (promotion, financing...)

Connect the relevant organizations with potential solution and service providers, also with the final target group members and explore, elaborate, develop, test, introduce solutions and to educate the community about it.

  1. Connectivity of stakeholders in terms of competency and technology transfer
  2. DIH-OST Workshop “Predictive Maintenance”
  3. System for elaborating LORAWAN sensors
  4. Definition of funding sources

Our goal is to show companies the benefits of digital marketing activities and that every company should be able to carry out these activities without spending too much money on the tasks. Therefore, the goal of this working group is to educate companies about the possibilities of digital marketing activities and to encourage them to participate in current projects.

  1. Connectivity of stakeholders, both in terms of infrastructure and competency
  2. Awareness Raising for Digital Marketing
  3. Definition of key areas of digital marketing
  4. Definition of funding sources
  5. Proceeding with projects regarding digital marketing

Smart factory

The smart teaching factory simulates a highly automated smart factory, including Industry 4.0 technologies, advanced manufacturing concepts and the reality of the connected enterprise. Through the teaching factory digital factory cloning, data science-based production management, unique mass production and simulation for exceptional needs become understandable. The cyber physical factory offers you the possibility to test your developments or plan your production system.

New functions developed for the smart factory:

  • Real time data display
  • Production data analysis
  • Implemented connected AR functionality
  • Digital twin – virtual factory with AR function
  • Machine learning with camera integration

FAQ - Online Digitalization Guide

What is a DIH?

Digital Innovation Hubs are one-stop-shops that help companies to become more competitive with regard to their business/production processes, products or services using digital technologies. 394 organisations are in the EU as fully operational Digital Innovation Hub to support digital transformation. 4 of them are members of IMPROVE! Network at the Austrian-Hungarian cross-border regions.

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How does EU deal with digitalization?

Digital transformation is of high importance, as the European Commission prioritized it from 2019-2024. The work of Digital Innovation Hubs – also in IMPROVE! project - is in close connection with the EU’s strategical goals, by supporting SMEs with digital solution.

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What is Industry 5.0?

Industry 5.0 provides a vison of industry that aims beyond efficiency and productivity as the sole goals and reinforces the role and the contribution of industry to society. It complements the existing "Industry 4.0" approach by specifically putting research and innovation at the service of the transition to a sustainable, human-centric and resilient European industry.

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What is IMPROVE! project?

IMPROVE! project is an Interreg AT-HU project which is dedicated to the topic digital transformation and intends to support small and medium-sized enterprises in their digitization developments in the Austrian-Hungarian border region. 5 partners work toghether for 3 years to establish a long-term cooperation in a form of DIH network.

More detailed information about the workplan

What can I know about internal trainings?

Within the process of knowledge-integration, in order to create a common base for collaboration, the partners organized numerous internal trainings in the fields of: Prototype Design & Development, Scientific software development workflows, AI-Applications, VR & Robotics and Social Media.

Strategic partners

Association Industry 4.0 Austria – the Platform for Smart Production
GMAR - The Austrian Society for Measurement, Automation and Robotics
Regional-management Burgenland GmbH
Vienna University of Technology, Automation and Control Institute (ACIN)
Austrian Electrotechnical Association – OVE
Wirtschaft Burgenland GmbH
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH Center for Technology Experience
Styrian Chamber of Commerce
FALCO Szombathely Furniture Cluster
University of Sopron, FSK Department of Woodworking Machinery

Pannon Business Network

9700 Szombathely, Zanati street 32-36.


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